Hi, This is our Blog.

Kickballstuff.com was started by 2 kickball aficionados who've been playing since 2007.  We're hoping to help grow this sport because of how much it means to us, and want to share that feeling with people everywhere.  When we first moved to Los Angeles from other states, we had few friends, and no real way to make new ones.  

We joined a kickball league and suddenly we triple our number of friends instantly, we have a fun thing to do on weeknights to burn off steam built up from work, and a bar location afterwards to go and mingle (if you're single).  I now have friends who have met their husbands/wives in kickball, and yes, there are even now a few "kickball tykes" with a few more to come.  This game is no longer just for kids.  It creates kids.

On this blog you'll see everything and anything to do with kickball.  From the fun, to the competitive.  If you have ideas of what we should post about, or if you'd like to contribute a post, please don't hesitate to email us at :



Hi, I'm Arno.

Product of Texas. Plays kickball. More to come as soon as I find him.


Hi, I'm David.

Started playing kickball in the summer of '07. My roommate at the time had joined a league, and I went to check out what all the fuss was about.  It was all downhill from there.